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Vascular Malformation Treatment at Brain Expert, PC, A Neurosurgery Practice in Atlanta, GA

Vascular Malformation Atlanta GA

A vascular malformation is a birth defect in which the blood vessels become tangled and prevent adequate blood flow to the brain. There are several different types of vascular malformations, including arteriovenous malformations, in which the arteries are connected directly to the veins without any capillaries in between, and cavernous malformations, which consist of abnormal, dilated blood vessels. Dr. Jim Robinson, M.D., a neurosurgeon in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in vascular malformation treatment, providing minimally invasive surgery to address these blood vessel clusters, and Gamma Knife® radiosurgery for non-invasive state-of-the-art therapy.

Vascular malformation treatment varies from patient to patient, depending primarily on the type of malformation that the patient has. In some cases, Dr. Robinson may recommend careful observation, while other patients may require prompt intervention to reduce the risk of bleeding in the brain.

At Brain Expert, PC, Dr. Robinson evaluates each patient on an individual basis to determine the best approach to treatment. For instance:

  • Patients with arteriovenous (AVM) malformations may be good candidates for Gamma Knife® radiosurgery, embolization, surgery, or a combination of therapies.
  • Patients with cavernous malformations may benefit from microsurgery to remove them, or Gamma Knife treatment to obliterate them non-invasively.

Dr Robinson’s patients are more than three times safer having surgery with him than the national average. He has also performed more than 700 Gamma Knife® radiosurgeries, including many on patients with arteriovenous and cavernous malformations. Dr. Robinson’s gifted hands, caring heart, and proven outcomes make him one of the leading vascular malformation neurosurgeons in the Atlanta area.

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