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Trigeminal Rhizotomy Surgery for Patients in Atlanta, GA, and the Southeastern U.S.

Trigeminal Rhizotomy Atlanta GA

Trigeminal rhizotomy surgery is a minimally invasive treatment in which facial nerves are intentionally disrupted to prevent the transmission of pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia. This procedure, which has the potential to produce immediate and long-term pain relief, is offered to patients from Atlanta, Georgia, and other nearby areas by Dr. Jim Robinson, M.D., otherwise known as The Brain Expert.
Trigeminal rhizotomy surgery typically has a low risk of complications, and Dr. Robinson’s outcomes for the surgery routinely exceed national averages. This is largely due to his extensive experience in treating trigeminal neuralgia, having helped hundreds of patients achieve relief from their symptoms.
In addition to trigeminal rhizotomy surgery, Dr. Robinson also offers several other trigeminal neuralgia treatments at his Atlanta neurosurgery practice, including:

  • Gamma knife ® radiosurgery
  • Microvascular decompression surgery

Dr. Robinson takes an individualized approach to trigeminal neuralgia treatment, using his extensive surgical expertise to recommend the most appropriate options for each patient. He understands the numerous physical and emotional challenges that trigeminal neuralgia can cause, and he is fully committed to helping each patient find a meaningful solution for their symptoms. Dr. Robinson evaluates a wide range of factors – including the patient’s age, medical diagnosis, symptom severity, and personal references – to make effective and personalized treatment recommendations.

For more information about trigeminal rhizotomy or any of the other surgical treatments that Dr. Robinson offers, contact Brain Expert, PC, today. Dr. Robinson welcomes patients from Atlanta, GA, and all other nearby areas.