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Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery for Patients from Atlanta, GA, and the Southeastern United States

Neurosurgery Atlanta GA

Neurosurgery is a complex field with many subspecialties. Dr. Jim Robinson, MD, specializes in minimally invasive neurosurgery for brain and skull base tumors, as well as conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia. At Brain Expert, PC, Dr. Robinson helps patients from Atlanta, GA, find the least invasive, most effective procedures for their needs.

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Robinson is one of the Atlanta area’s most practiced neurosurgeons. He specializes in the following procedures:

  • Cranial microsurgery
  • Endoscopic cranial surgery
  • Gamma knife radiosurgery
  • Microvascular decompression surgery
  • Transsphenoidal pituitary tumor surgery
  • Trigeminal rhizotomy
  • Chiari decompression surgery
  • Endoscopic third ventriculostomy

These minimally invasive procedures tend to have lower complication rates than traditional, open neurosurgery, and recovery tends to be easier for endoscopic procedures as well. Having performed hundreds of endoscopic brain surgeries, Dr. Robinson is one of the leading minimally invasive neurosurgery experts in the Atlanta area.

Additionally, Dr. Robinson offers his patients opportunities to benefit from today’s most advanced surgical technologies. Brain Expert, PC, utilizes a surgical navigation system that allows for the utmost precision within a single millimeter of a tumor, as well as a Gamma Knife® radiosurgery system to destroy tumors as an alternative to traditional surgery.

Dr. Robinson not only offers world-class medical care, but also extensive emotional support. He truly cares about each patient and their personal outcome, and this is evident in the way he approaches neurosurgery. For his extensive medical experience and outstanding bedside manner, the Consumers’ Research Council of America has named Dr. Robinson one of America’s Top Surgeons.

To learn more about neurosurgery at Brain Expert, PC, of Atlanta, GA, contact us today.