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Chiari Decompression Surgery for Individuals from Atlanta, GA, and Other Surrounding Areas

Chiari Decompression Atlanta GA

Chiari decompression surgery is a common treatment for Chiari malformations, a condition in which a patient’s brain tissue extends down into the spinal canal. To create more space for the displaced tissue, a surgeon can remove a small portion of the skull and add an artificial patch in its place. When performed by an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Jim Robinson, M.D., an experienced neurosurgeon in Atlanta, GA, this surgical procedure can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by a Chiari malformation.

Chiari decompression surgery is often successful, with up to 95 percent of patients noting an improvement in their symptoms after the procedure. As is the case with any type of brain surgery, though, the best results come when a decompression is performed by a surgeon who specializes in the operation. At Brain Expert, PC, Dr. Robinson’s Atlanta based neurosurgeon practice, he completes a high volume of Chiari decompressions each year, with outcomes that routinely exceed the national averages.

In addition to his extensive experience and high success rates, there are many other reasons that patients choose Dr. Robinson as their Chiari decompression surgeon. Most notably:

  • In many cases, Dr. Robinson can help patients avoid additional procedures, such as a spinal fusion, after a Chiari decompression procedure.
  • Robinson takes a multispecialty approach to Chiari malformation treatment, and can expertly coordinate with a patient’s other physicians to create a comprehensive care plan.
  • In addition to providing expert surgical treatment, Dr. Robinson truly cares about his patient’s entire wellbeing, and goes above and beyond to ensure that they are emotionally supported throughout their treatment journeys.

For more information about Chiari decompression surgery at Brain Expert, PC, of Atlanta, GA, contact Dr. Robinson today.