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Spinal Tumor Treatment in Atlanta, Georgia

Spinal Tumor Atlanta GA

Being diagnosed with a spinal tumor can be life-changing – but patients from Atlanta, Georgia, can turn to Dr. Jim Robinson, M.D., for world-class surgical treatment. Many neurosurgeons treat degenerative spine conditions such as disc problems, spinal arthritis, and scoliosis, but Dr. Robinson specializes in treating spinal tumors such as meningiomas and neuromas. As a result, he has developed a professional reputation not only as the Brain Expert, but also as the expert in spinal tumor surgery and treatment.

Spinal tumors can develop in several different locations, including the spinal bones, the center of the spine (compressing the spinal cord), and within the spinal cord itself. Removing these tumors without damaging the sensitive surrounding tissues requires a great deal of patience and a gentle, accurate surgical technique, which Dr. Robinson has developed from spending more than 20 years in the field. Throughout his career, Dr. Robinson has completed hundreds upon hundreds of minimally invasive spinal tumor surgeries. His patients benefit from:

  • Higher-than-average survival outcomes
  • Short recovery periods
  • Low complication rates

Dr. Robinson is also committed to helping each patient achieve the highest possible quality of life after spinal tumor surgery. To accomplish this, he uses today’s most advanced surgical technologies, including laser surgery and spinal radiosurgery, to remove tumors with the highest level of precision. Dr. Robinson’s Atlanta based neurosurgery practice is outfitted with a surgical navigation system to ensure the highest possible level of surgical accuracy, as well as a Gamma Knife® radiosurgery system for brain tumors and TrueBeam™ radiosurgery for spinal tumors that can be used when traditional surgery is not an option.

For more information about spinal tumor surgery, contact Dr. Jim Robinson, M.D. Patients from Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas, are invited to consult with Dr. Robinson at Brain Expert, PC.