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Schwannoma Surgery near Marietta, GA – Discuss Your Options with The Brain Expert

Schwannoma Surgery Marietta GASurgery is the main form of treatment for schwannoma. There are several different procedures that can be used to remove these tumors, although a high level of precision is necessary to obtain the best possible outcome. This is one of the main reasons that residents of Marietta, Georgia, and other surrounding areas turn to Dr. Jim Robinson, MD., known professionally as The Brain Expert.

While many Marietta area neurosurgeons primarily practice spine surgery, Dr. Robinson’s area of expertise is brain surgery. He is a high-volume surgeon, performing hundreds of procedures each year – including many surgical excisions for schwannoma. As a result, Dr. Robinson has the steady hands and extensive clinical awareness needed to successfully treat these complex nerve sheath tumors.

Offering the latest advances in schwannoma surgery, Dr. Robinson:

  • Uses minimally invasive techniques whenever possible, helping reduce complication rates and recovery times as compared to traditional (open) procedures
  • Implements the most advanced surgical technologies that medicine has to offer, such as robot-assisted surgical systems, to improve surgical accuracy and patient outcomes
  • Individualizes each patient’s schwannoma surgery plan to his or her specific needs, providing comprehensive support and education throughout the process

And, when schwannoma surgery is recommended as just a one part of a multispecialty treatment plan, as is often the case, Dr. Robinson serves as an expert liaison between the patient and his or her other care providers. Working hand-in-hand with a patient’s medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists, and supportive care providers, Dr. Robinson ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatment possible.

To schedule a schwannoma surgery consultation with The Brain Expert, contact Dr. Robinson today. Dr. Robinson’s practice is located just outside Marietta, GA, and welcomes patients with all types and stages of brain cancer.