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Schwannoma Surgery Provided by The Brain Expert, an Experienced Neurosurgeon Near Alpharetta GA

Schwannoma Surgery Alpharetta GA

When patients are diagnosed with schwannoma, surgery is often one of the first treatments to be recommended. For residents of Alpharetta, Georgia, and other surrounding areas, Dr. Jim Robinson, MD., can provide individualized advice and guidance as it pertains to brain surgery and other potential treatment options. Known by his peers – and patients – as The Brain Expert, Dr. Robinson specializes in minimally invasive and traditional schwannoma surgery, among other highly advanced procedures for brain cancer and non-cancerous tumors.

Patients who turn to Dr. Robinson for surgical care can be assured that their treatment plans are fully tailored to their unique needs. For some individuals with schwannoma, surgery is the only treatment necessary; for other patients, surgery might be followed (or preceded) by chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or even alternative therapies. Working together with the other members of a patient’s treatment team, Dr. Robinson ensures that each patient recieves a plan that’s ideally suited to his or her situation.

As it relates to schwannoma surgery, Dr. Robinson offers the latest advances in clinical care, including:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery

Not only does Dr. Robinson make it possible for patients from Alpharetta to access today’s most promising surgical treatments close to home, but he also provides the compassion and support that patients need as they go through treatment and recovery. Dr. Robinson is truly invested in each patient’s personal outcome, going above and beyond to give his patients everything need for a cancer-free future.

To learn more about their schwannoma surgery options, residents of Alpharetta, GA, are invited to contact The Brain Expert at their earliest convenience. Dr. Robinson welcomes patients with all types and stages of brain cancer to consult with him at his private practice.