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For Pituitary Tumor Surgery, Patients from Kennesaw, GA., Choose the Brain Expert

Pituitary Tumor Surgery Kennesaw GA

As one of the area’s leading experts in the field of pituitary tumor surgery, Dr. Jim Robinson, MD., has earned a professional reputation in Kennesaw, Georgia, and the surrounding areas as The Brain Expert. While many neurosurgeons focus primarily on treating degenerative conditions of the spine, Dr. Robinson specializes in treating the more complex conditions affecting the brain, pituitary gland, and skull base. As a result of his extensive expertise, Dr. Robinson is a top choice for individuals who are considering pituitary tumor surgery.

Although surgery is not required for every patient, many choose to have their tumors removed if they are experiencing symptoms. These can include pain or blurred vision as a result of nerve compression or weight changes or hair growth as a result of excess hormone production. Depending on the size, location, and specific type of a patient’s tumor, Dr. Robinson may recommend:

  • Leaving the tumor untouched but carefully monitoring the symptoms
  • Removing the tumor through minimally invasive techniques (transsphenoidal resection) if it is small and accessible through the nostrils
  • Removing the tumor through more traditional techniques (craniotomy) if it is larger and appears more difficult to remove
  • Eradicating the cells through radiosurgery (a non-operative treatment that uses highly precise beams of radiation therapy)
  • Treating the tumor with chemotherapy or radiation therapy (Dr. Robinson does not provide these treatments himself, but can refer patients to trusted experts in the Kennesaw area)

Not only do Dr. Robinson’s patients benefit from his unique, tailored approach to pituitary tumor surgery, but also his outstanding bedside manner. Dr. Robinson truly cares about improving each patient’s quality of life through precision medicine, and goes above and beyond for each individual who entrusts him with their care.

If you live in Kennesaw, GA, or any other city in the southeastern United States, and are considering pituitary tumor surgery, Dr. Robinson can help you explore your options. Contact The Brain Expert, PC, to schedule a consultation.