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Patient Journeys



Dr. Robinson,

Thank you for the amazing care you provided when I was diagnosed with my brain tumor! To recap for those interested in learning more, I was sent immediately from the MRI back to my neurologist.  Within hours of my diagnosis, I was sitting in front of a neurosurgeon learning more about my condition.  I learned a lot from him, but my gut was telling me I needed to find something more—and I found the best…Dr. Jim Robinson!

We wouldn’t know if the tumor was malignant until after surgery, but that wasn’t the most urgent issue. It was located in the cerebellum, causing a dangerous amount of fluid to be trapped in my head (hydrocephalus).  Dr. Robinson urged me to have surgery the following day and re-arranged his schedule to take care of me. The operation lasted 7 hours. Dr. Robinson meticulously worked to remove the tumor while controlling the bleeding.

I am extremely blessed to have been diagnosed with a benign brain tumor! My only follow up included CT scans, office visits, and annual MRIs over 5 years.

Although this diagnosis and surgery created a whirlwind, it is important to note the short recovery time.  After several days in ICU without much pain, I was back to work 8 weeks after BRAIN surgery… which is kind of a big deal!

Dr. Robinson provides exemplary care while letting each of his patients know how extra special they are.  At one of my office visits, he asked for a photograph with me.  X-rays of his patients were standard, but photographs would personalize the images for him and his team. This is one small example portraying the unique connection between Dr. Robinson and his patients.

During the moment when Dr. Robinson told me I was cured, he suggested I take time to go eat french-fries and drink champagne…because I can!  I am happy to report that I have made this a part of my celebration every year on my surgery anniversary!

Thank you, Dr. Robinson!  You are the best…a true blessing!


Angie Majestic