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Patient Journeys



Dorothy, Before and After

Dear Jim,

My name is Dorothy, I am 21 years old and a Ghanaian. I developed a very big tumor which was hidden in my skull at the age of 6, I had to grow with it since it could not be diagnosed and operated on. People were scared of me and ran from me since the right side of my face, specifically my eye and forehead, were bigger than my left side, I could still go to school though and was very intelligent. At age 14, my condition became serious and so I was transferred abroad for further studies and possible surgery.

I met Doctor Jim Robinson at Piedmont hospital in Atlanta Georgia in April 2008, he made me feel comfortable and after some tests proceeded with surgery. A day before the surgery he took his family and my mom and I for sight-seeing and I was so happy that I even forgot how scared I was about the upcoming surgery. He did two major successful surgeries and some minor ones and I had a plastic surgery too. He made sure I was well taken care of and given anything for my comfort and happiness I really enjoyed my stay there. By God’s grace through Dr. Robinson am a beautiful girl now who nobody is scared of anymore and am currently in the university (medical school) and he is even helping with my tuition. I want to become a good doctor and surgeon like him for he really inspired me. He is amazing. Thank you Dr. Jim Robinson you are the best. I love you.