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Patient Journeys



Mark and Barbara 

Dear Jim,

I want to take this time to thank you for all of the guidance and procedures that you have performed on me to ensure that I have survived serious stage four brain cancer. I truly believe that without the aggressive and thorough care and acting with the appropriate responses I would not be alive today.

In addition to continuously following up on all of my brain scans and watching, analyzing for changes that would require action; you have always kept Barbara and I appraised of the situation and given us your expert advice on next steps that we should consider going forward. You have performed a very difficult cranial surgery on me, provide you guidance to other doctors who have performed radial Gamma knife procedures on my many brain tumors and even stepped in to perform spinal surgery when I slipped a disk during this same period of time. You have truly been a trusted go to guy for me.

There is also the element of character that we value and appreciate that you bring to that table. We are always confident under your care and know that you really care about your patients and always have their best interests at heart. We have gotten to know other cancer patients that are under your care and we all agree that you the best of the best out there and would always insist on having you be our primary source for our care.

I thank you for the opportunity to write this testimonial Jim and sincerely hope that others out their that may be afflicted with either brain cancer or other spinal or neurological issues are as fortunate as we were to have you as our physician will see this and reach out to you for their care.

Best Regards,

Mark and Barbara Williams

Alpharetta, GA