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Consult with The Brain Expert Regarding Neuroma Surgery – Advanced Treatment Options for Residents of Kennesaw, GA

Neuroma Surgery Kennesaw GA

If you’ve been diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, surgery is a potential treatment option that you may wish to consider. At Brain Expert, PC., the neurosurgery practice of Dr. Jim Robinson, MD., near Kennesaw, GA, you can consult with one of the area’s top neuroma specialists regarding a wide range of treatment options. Dr. Robinson focuses on the surgical treatment of brain tumors, using today’s latest and least invasive techniques to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life.

When it comes to neuroma surgery, patients have a variety of options. For instance:

  • Some individuals choose “watchful waiting” to delay surgery for several months (or years), since acoustic neuromas are non-cancerous and may not cause disruptive symptoms.
  • Other individuals choose surgery immediately, even if their tumors are small, for peace of mind.
  • Patients with large acoustic neuromas or notable complications (e.g., loss of balance, headaches, or loss of hearing) may opt for surgery shortly after their diagnosis.
  • Those who are not good candidates for traditional surgery (or who do not wish to undergo an operation) might consider stereotactic radiosurgery as an alternative.

Helping each patient assess their situation and determine if – or when – neuroma surgery may be beneficial, Dr. Robinson is committed to providing comprehensive, patient-centric care. And, not only does he want to serve his patients on a clinical level, but a personal one as well. His steady hands and caring heart, together with his successful outcomes, contribute to Dr. Robinson being a leading choice for neuroma surgery in Kennesaw.

When you’re ready to learn more about neuroma surgery and whether an operation might be appropriate for your needs, contact Dr. Robinson to get started with treatment. Dr. Robinson’s practice is located just outside of Kennesaw, GA, near Piedmont Hospital.